2018 Onwards and Upwards

It’s been a while since our last news update and lots has happened since then, following a fantastic year at the farm, we saw the end of our ice cream logo maize maze in November, and that made way for some new products at the farm just in time for the festive season –

Our ice cream Christmas cake and logs went down a storm on our lovely customers Christmas lunch tables – we had lots of lovely feedback that they were a feel talking point and of course tasted just fab !

Following a bit of time off in January we can fairly say we are all rested and raring to go again – with the introduction of our ice cream cookie sandwiches that literally went viral a week ago ! they have been received very well and we are sure they will be here to stay with many flavour themes and combos we are super excited for what’s to come.

This year we celebrate our seventh year in business and as we are Seven Sisters Farm we are not going to let this pass us by without a bang ! Any excuse for a celebration ! so keep your eyes peeled this year on our social media pages we have lots of new things planned we just hope the weather starts to play ball (at the time of writing this its snowing out there ) !

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