• Wow what a year so far !

    As we get back into the swing of the new normal at the farm with our new look pink parlour complete with picture perfect interior! Following a very uncertain time we are so happy to be back and doing what we do best – bringing you the freshest posh ice…

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  • Where did the summer go?

    So much has happened since are last news update – so we celebrated our 8th Year of posh ice cream in May – which in itself is an achievement! We still have a great following of poshicecreamers who come and see us rain or shine at the farm, so thank…

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    This year we have celebrated our seven years in business! So for our maize maze theme this year we have gone with the theme of the number seven! We have seven scarecrows for you to find whilst filling in a crossword puzzle along the way.  This year we have also…

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  • 2018 Onwards and Upwards

    It’s been a while since our last news update and lots has happened since then, following a fantastic year at the farm, we saw the end of our ice cream logo maize maze in November, and that made way for some new products at the farm just in time for…

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  • Christmas & New Year Opening times

    Open as usual up to and including Saturday 23rd December Closed Christmas Eve Closed Christmas Day Closed Boxing Day Closed Wednesday 27th December Open Thursday 28th December Open Friday 29th December Open Saturday 30th December Open Sunday 31st December Closed New years day up to and including Wednesday 10th January…

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  • The Honest Father

    Basically one of the most lovely guys you’ll ever meet with a drone – this top chap came along a kindly took some ace pictures of our maze and he made a Vlog along the way – worth a watch for sure ! Watch…

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  • Vimto

    So we were talking about how we are influenced and inspired by food and drink – well while making a Vimto cordial with ice one day – we thought …… yes Vimto ice cream !! so we tried it out now with Vimto jelly beans it’s a winner with everyone…

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  • Maize Maze

    Our 2017 maize maze is back with vengeance! incorporating our posh new ice cream cone logo – right in the centre of the maize we feel very proud of our maze this year – it’s a must see with our beautiful sunflower border that seem’s to have captured Knutsford imagination…

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