We are very proud to say that we make all of our posh ice cream here on site at the farm using our own milk from our herd of Holstein Freisian cows –certainly the super models of the cow world – they have also won the odd rosette or two -so basically this gives us lots of scope to change our flavours at any time – and we have been known to do this on a daily basis – we are regularly inspired by food or drinks or cake and think mmm yes this would be a fab ice cream flavour!

All of our cakes / bakes and slices are created and made here at the farm -our quiche and soup are also made here too – we love to source locally in and around Cheshire- let’s be honest we are very lucky have access to many growers and producers who supply some truly wonderful products and ingredients to us.

Oh and, those caught picnicking will be fed to the cows….

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